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Our guiding principle

Your skin is what matters most to us!

Our mission: We see ourselves first and foremost as a medical competence center which works for the well-being of our patients through reliability, responsibility and friendliness on the highest medical level. At the same time, we are an enterprise responsible towards our employees that would like to provide an innovative contribution to healthcare as an enterprise that takes on trainees.

Our vision: Our locations will be recognized nationwide with all skin-related diseases as a competent point of contact for patients. Our patients entrust us with their illnesses and problems, whereby our offered therapeutic procedures always comply with the latest medical standard. We will also optimally care for our patients in the future and work successfully in an economic sense.

Our values: Health meets beauty – individually and personally! We are dermatological center in which the aesthetic aspect plays an important role in addition to the recovery from skin diseases, so that the patient obtains a maximum benefit. We fulfill the expectations of our patients and our own claims in the work in our medical practice by orienting ourselves towards the following moral concepts:

Honesty: fairness, transparency, authenticity, integrity and reliability are behind this. This leads to trust among employees and patients.

Enjoyment: humor, fun, emotion, creativity and cheerfulness are behind this. This leads to the well-being of patients and employees.

Self-awareness: feedback, intuition, inspiration and lifelong learning (from each other and with each other) are behind this. This leads to innovations in our center.

One’s own contribution: dedication, initiative, professionalism, decisiveness and passion are behind this. This leads to meaningful work.

Responsibility for the whole issue: respect, feedback, balance, self-control and freedom are behind this. This leads to a “we-feeling” and loyalty.