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Often with youthful or young adults skin change with pimples and blackheads appears. Cause is among other things a sweat overproduction and a disorder of skin.


This substance is suited to the vein sclerotherapy. By means of a fine pipe the substance is introduced in the vessel to be treated. Then an inflammation reaction which closes the vessel permanently originates.

Age Spots

See Lentigo


It is a laser with a certain wavelength. This laser light is generated by means of an Alexandrite crystal. We use the Alexandrite-Laser in our practise for laser hair removal and tattoo removals.

Algae Therapy

Algae are very rich in nutrients. Thus the algae can be used as a food supplement, as well as for the specific therapy of the skin to repair disturbances by infrequent care.

Allergic Tests

Determination on which substances the immune system of the body can causes an overreaction.


An allergy is oversensitivity of the immune system on certain substances (allergens). On this occasion, skin changes can appear like reddish skin with partly extreme itch or also asthmatic attacks.


Medical history of a patient


As Anti-Aging we summarise therapies, which counteract aging. This ranges from the consultation about life-styles and laser therapies to hormone replacement.


A respiratory disturbance mostly appearing in attacks by which the affected person inhales becomes very wheezy and exhales only hard again. Cause is a narrowing of the respiratory tract or a disturbance of the blood circulation of the lung. An attack of asthma can be released by an allergic reaction.

Augmentation the filling of wrinkles or dents with viscous, gelatinous substances. This material is usually hyaluronic acid that is identical with the body’s own constituents, polylactic acid or hydroxylapatite.


The Balneophototherapy is a possibility of treatment of the eczema. It is the clinical conversion of the therapy by the dead sea.
The combined UVA/UVB irradiation occurs after a bath in the Softpack® system with brine.


Is a combination treatment against psoriasis, neurodermatitis and vitiligo with the curative effect of a UVA therapy by a bath in a herbal substance called "psoralene".


It is the medical expression for an eyelid rationalisation. Sometimes the field of vision of the patient can be limited due to heavy eyelids. Then with the eyelid rationalisation the eyelids are shortened surgically causing a younger appearance.

Body shaping

Even if sport and good nutrition are an inherent part of life, there can be stubborn problem areas which cannot be reduced on their own. That is why we take care of that in our Derma-Clinic, for instance with the help of laser liposuction, VelaSmooth Pro™, “fat-away-injection” (injection lipolysis) and liposuction.


The new BodyTite™ (Invasix) procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL™) to achieve effective body shaping as well as significant skin tightening. BodyTite™ combines liposuction and tissue tightening in a particularly gentle and careful manner, and thereby achieves, fast, safe, consistent and lasting results.
The radiofrequency energy moves from a small, internal electrode to a larger, external electrode and brings about a gentle, consistent heating and coagulation of fat and tissue. This heating, which precedes the liposuction, makes the BodyTite™ procedure particularly gentle and almost free of swelling and pain. The coagulated and liquefied tissue is aspirated through the internal electrode of the handpiece, whereby the heating leads to effective body shaping and skin tightening at the same time. The temperature of the fatty tissue reached always remains in the safe range due to constant checking. So with respect to other laser-assisted liposuction methods, BodyTite™ enables gentler ambulant treatment with greater safety and effectiveness. The intervention time is up to 4 times faster due to the simultaneous suction and coagulation.
The procedure’s main areas of application are the abdomen, hips, buttocks, back, inside and outside of the thighs (‘saddlebags’), upper arm, neck (double chin) and lipedemas of the lower leg. Very good results in the treatment of cellulite as well as tissue tightening after weight reduction can also be achieved with BodyTite™. Moreover, the procedure is suitable for combination treatments in the course of abdominal wall lifts (‘tummy tucks’) and mini facelifts.


Is a substance which is used after many years' application in other departments of medicine (neurology, etc.) now also in the area of the aesthetics. It prevents tensing of muscle parts which generate facial wrinkles.


Vernacularly called orange-peel skin, it is a change of the connective tissue in the subcutis of the female thigh and gluteal area. Here an unesthetic, wavy surface of the skin develops.

Chemical peeling (TCA)

See trichloroacetic acid


It is a laser with a certain light, which is generated by means of a gas tube that is filled with the gas carbon dioxide. Hence, there comes the name CO2 laser. We use the CO2 laser in our practise for the laser-resurfacing and the ablation of dermal nevi.

Cold light

In cold light infrared radiation is filtered in such a way as to eliminate any waming effects. Typically, this describes an UVA1 light.


It is one of the most important components of our body. Collagen is a protein that, among the rest, in banding material, bone and teeth included, and has a banding function. A natural loss with increasing age causes a relaxation of the material. We inject collagen to reduce wrinkles.

Cooltouch / Dynamic Cooling Device

Cooltouch or Dynamic Cooling Device (Briefly DCD) is a procedure with which the skin is cooled during a laser treatment by means of a chill spray. For the optimum protection of the skin the skin temperature is measured before every laser impulse and the cooling is tuned perfectly. The laser treatment is thereby safer.


Is the concept of all non-intervening measures used to restore an all-round optimal appearance of the skin.


Couperose is a flat red colouring in the facial area which is caused by a network of the smallest little veins under the skin. One of the most current methods of treatment is laser therapy.


The Cryotherapy is a cold-therapy. We use liquid nitrogen (-196 C) which is sprayed on the skin area to be treated. By the generated cold's damage, malicious skin changes up to a certain size in their preliminary stages can be removed without scars.


With this investigation, blood circulation can be measured within the vessels. The blood speed as well as the direction of the current can be determined precisely. Thus less blood circulation, as with varicose veins, can be tested.

Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD)

See Cool Touch / Dynamic Cooling Device


We call eczema an inflammation reaction of the skin based on different skin illnesses mostly accompanied itching and burning.

Electric Epilation

With the electric epilation the hair growth is stopped by the help of a needle with an electric current. The insertion of the needle often leaves unsightly scars. Hence, we apply in our practise the careful laser epilation exclusively.

Elos® technology

This technology combines intense pulsed light (IPL), radio-frequency current as well as cooling in one impulse. It is employed with pigmented lesions (such as age spots, pregnancy spots and hyperpigmentation), vascular dilations, problems with the skin’s appearance as well as for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

Epicutane Test

The epicutane test is one of various test procedures around contact allergies. On this occasion, a plaster is fixed on the skin which contains the materials to which the body could have an allergic reaction. Then this plaster can remain up to three days on the skin. The reaction of the skin later shows which materials cause an allergic reaction to the patient.


It is a laser with a certain wavelength, which is generated by means of an erbium Yag crystal. We use the erbium Yag laser in our practise for skin-resurfacing, that means to smooth wrinkles and scars, as well as for the ablation of dermal nevi.

Excimer lamp

The excimer lamp with intensive 308 nm wavelength is utilized in phototherapy for specific, intensive irradiation of various UV-sensitive skin alterations, for instance in patients with psoriasis, vitiligo and eczemas. Healthy skin is protected against undesirable consequences of UV light.

Filler / Hyaluron acid

This are substances belonging to the body (trade name Perlane ® / Restylane ® / ) which are injected to fill-up wrinkles, little scars and other defects in the uppermost skin layer.

FRAXEL re:store® DUAL

The Fraxel re:store® DUAL penetrates twice as deep into the skin as any other fractional laser and this enables precise skin renewal, from the deepest skin layers to the surface, with only negligible downtime.


This non-invasive laser technology employs a fractional laser for skin rejuvenation and structural improvement of the skin. The laser goes through the uppermost skin layer and penetrates beneath the dermis so that the skin’s protective sheath is not damaged. It causes tiny holes in the skin through individual, targeted laser impulses. The advantage is that only certain skin areas are treated and the rest of the skin remains unaffected. This healthy skin surrounding the holes then ensures a faster regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers in the course of the healing process, which in turn leads to skin tightening. Fractional laser therapy is suitable for acne and postoperative scars, pigment changes, melasma / chloasma, actinic keratosis, eye wrinkles (‘crow’s feet’) and skin resurfacing.

Fruit acids

Fruit acids (e.g. alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid) are substances which occur naturally in various fruits and other foodstuffs.
During a fruit acid peeling these natural fruit acids are applied to the skin and bring about a superficial, fine peeling by removing dead skin cells.
The treatment is employed with acne, impure and coarse-pored skin, pallid, dull complexion as well as pigmented spots and age wrinkles.


This wrinkle is located between the eyebrows.

Hair Removal

see Laserepilation

Hair transplantation

The hereditary loss of hair distinguishes itself by the fact that only hair sensitive to hormones falls out which seem only on the regional level. Through this arises, e.g., senator’s corners or forehead baldness. These hair patterns are genetically defined. The other hair is unaffected. This leads to the fact that hair continues to grow at the back of the head. Hair taken from this region, is specially processed and transplanted in the hairless regions.

Hay Fever

Hay fever is a widespread allergy, mostly to grass and flower pollens. We treat more distinctive forms of hay fever in our practise by hypersensitisation.


It is the Latin name. It is distinct from the increasingly appearing blood spots in the body. These often appear in babies and are annoying not only aesthetically but also partly functionally.


Hormones are messenger materials in our body. They regulate many things. The metabolism, the sexual function or the heart-circulatory system. Disturbances in the complicated system of the hormones in our body often also impair the skin. Annoying hair or acne are only a few effects which can be caused by hormonal disturbances. Hormones are responsible for aging.


This is a substance of our own body (trade name Perlane ® / Restylane ® / injected to fill-up of wrinkles, little scars and other defects in the uppermost skin layer.


Calcium hydroxylapatite is a new, biodegradable filling substance which is also found in teeth and bones, and is utilized in other medical fields. Calcium hydroxylapatite is particularly suitable for treatment of deep nasolabial folds as well as for volume augmentation in the chin and cheek area.


Hypersensitisation is a therapy with allergies. On this occasion, low concentrations of the materials is brought in touch with the immune system in order to release an allergic reaction. As the immune system gets ‘used’ to this material or substance allergens and an allergic reaction can be decreased.

Immune System

the defensive system of the body against infections. The main forces are the white blood cells as well as the trained antibodies.


With the iontophoresis a small electric current is generated in the skin. Through this activation substances can penetrate more deeply in the skin. However, this works out only with substances with conductivity. In what concerns this procedure is a supplement to ultrasound treatment.


IPL is the abbreviation for Intense Pulsed Light. This technology is comparable with the laser technology, and is applied, indeed, here for the production of the light by another method. We use the new IPL devices for skin revitalisation as well as for vascular lesions removal and pigment removal.


The Isolaz® laser combines the treatment of acute acne with deep cleansing of the skin. The pores are cleansed through a vacuum suction procedure and the bacteria triggering acne are subsequently destroyed by laser light.


The word LASER is the acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”.


Laser-Resurfacing is a method to achieve younger-looking skin. On this occasion, the uppermost layer of the skin is removed with a laser. During the days after the treatment, the skin forms here a new skin layer which then looks younger and fresher.


The laserepilation is a gentle kind of the hair removal with the help of the laser light. This almost painless method enables diminishing or removal of annoying hair on every part of the body.


LDM® (Locale Dynamic Micromassage) is a special ultrasonic technology. It enables an intensive stimulation of tissue and introduction of active ingredients through ultrasonic waves with different and rapidly changing frequencies.

Lentigo / Age Spots

Lentigines or also age spots are pigment accumulations under the skin which appear only upon aging. These pigment disturbances can be removed carefully with a laser. Indeed, this treatment should absolutely take place with a dermatologist to exclude that these pigment disturbances of malicious origin.

Light-Reflection-Rheography (LRR)

With this vein investigation the reflection is measured in the leg to be examined by light waves. Because the reflection depends, above all, on the blood circulation, herewith different degrees of varicose vein suffering can be determined.


There are various procedures. In addition to classic liposuction, for instance, tumescent liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction and radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (BodyTite™) are amongst the most well-known. NeckTite™ and FaceTite™ are employed with loss of elasticity and wrinkling on the upper lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds, lower eyelid, forehead/eyebrows, neck and chin.

Lymph Draining

With disturbed lymph flow the substance is thickened, stopped and changed. This can also be painful. By means of the lymphatic drainage the lymphatic run-off can be normalised again. This can be reached either through a manual application or by means of devices which bring out the substance by pressure.


With mesotherapy, drug mixtures (vitamins, minerals, hormones) are applied by means of multiple microinjections into the skin. This method is used to treat hair loss or cellulite as well as for skin rejuvenation.


With the microdermabrasion the uppermost skin layer is not removed like with laser resurfacing by means of light, but mechanically. This has a skin-rejuvenating effect.

Mimic Wrinkles

Mimic wrinkles are wrinkles in our face which appear only with an actively-moving face. These folds are, for example, laughter lines, worry lines or the so-called. crow's-feet. We treat these kinds of wrinkles with botulinum toxin, among other things.


Is a surgical possibility to remove varicose veins. On this occasion, a probe will be inserted in to a small cut and the appropriate blood vessel is pulled out.


It is a wrinkle which runs from the wings of the nose up to the corners of the mouth. This wrinkle can be lifted and smoothend with hyaluronic acid fillers.


The word Nävus comes from Latin and signifies spot or birthmark. It is the term for many innate or acquired pigmentation marks of the skin like.


NeoStrata® offers an extensive range of medical-cosmetic products which contain glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which is extracted from cane sugar. Glycolic acid is the alpha hydroxy acid with the smallest molecule size by which optimal penetration into the upper skin layers is ensured.
For particularly sensitive skin NeoStrata® offers the Bionic product line which contains gluconolactone, because this mild acid is particularly well-tolerated.


It is a skin illness including eczemas, which strikes dry skin above all. This causes an itching and a reddish skin. Also moisture and an incrustation of the skin can be seen. This skin illness appears often with allergies.


With the peeling the uppermost skin layer is removed applying different substances. This can happen, for example, by fruit acids or by herb masks or other chemical substances. The result is an obviously fresher looking skin.

Photo Rejuvenation

Is a collective term is for the skin revitalisation by laser therapy.


A device of the IPL technology. This many-sided device can be used for the removal of little veins, pigments and especially for photo rejuvenation.

Photodynamic Therapy

With this modern therapy the pre-treatment happens with a Photo sensitive (ä-Aminolävuacid) which settles, above all, into metabolism-active malicious skin changes. The malicious cells are destroyed selectively by the following light radiotherapy without side effects. Unfortunately, it is extremely expensive, so that the therapy can be carried out only in select cases.

Pigment disturbance

Is a lacking formation or a dismantling of pigments, colouring-containing cells are in the skin.


Pigments are the colour-giving particles, partially formed by the skin itself (Melanocytes) or they are introduced from outside (tattoos).

Plasma gel

... is a filling substance for wrinkle treatment by injection which is extracted from the patient’s blood components after processing. No allergies are possible because it is a substance produced naturally in the body.

Polyacrylacid / Hyaluronacid

These are substances belonging to body (trade name Perlane ® / Restylane ® / which are injected to fill-up wrinkles, little scars and other defects in the uppermost skin layer.

Polylactic acid

Based on lactic acid (which is found in a natural state in the body), polylactic acid (poly-L-lactic acid) was developed for filling wrinkles and has been employed in aesthetic medicine for about 10 years. It stimulates the body’s own collagen synthesis, corrects wrinkles and also smoothens and firms the skin.

Polymorphous Light Dermatosis

This is the Latin name for a solar allergy. Hence, the name comes that these skin changes with the affected patients cause a polymorphic appearance.

Port Wine Stains

Port wine stains are innate, blood-red sharply enclosed areas of the skin whose remarkable colouring is caused by a huge number of thin little veins in the skin. These can be treated with laser.

Prick Test

In the prick test allergies of the immediate type can be tested. On this occasion, the skin is easily slit and brought in contact with the materials to be tested. With an allergic reaction, a reddish and swollen skin appears within a few minutes.

Provocation test

The provocation test is one of test procedures to determine on which materials the body reacts to allergically. On this occasion, these materials are brought in lower concentration in contact with the body and the reaction of the body is observed.

Psoriasis / Scale lichen

Psoriasis, called also scale lichen, is a non-contagious, chronic skin illness with silver white, dry scale depositions on red, sharply enclosed spots with stronger manifestation at certain body places. It is genetic.

Radiofrequency energy

See BodyTite™


The RAST investigation is an allergic test procedure where the patient antibodies are examined for allergens within the blood. With this method the number of the antibodies is determined illustrating the intensity of the allergic reaction.


We call re-pigmentation the formation of pigment cells in the skin. This can be done among other things with special laser devices (excimer lamp), e.g., with vitiligo or scar treatment.

Ruby laser

The pulsed ruby laser emits a high-energy light ray of a specific wavelength.
This wavelength and the short pulse duration ensure that after penetrating the upper skin layer the laser is only absorbed by dark skin pigments (melanin) – e.g. in pigmented spots – or colored pigments (tattoos) and destroys these, while the other skin – also due to the negligible heat – remains almost completely undamaged.
As a result, brown age spots and pigmented spots as well as dark tattoos (black or blue) can be successfully and carefully treated with the ruby laser.

Scale Lichen

see Psoriasis

Skin Cancer Screening

We understand by skin cancer screening the examination of single skin changes or also whole areas for malignant skin changes.

Skin spot

The German word skin spot is equivalent to the latin Naevus.


SkinCeuticals® offers high-tech care products from the USA which are on the boundary between cosmetics and medicine.
The skin care products are utilized for professional cosmetic treatments and are recommended by American experts from dermatology and plastic surgery, medical spas and premium institutes. They provide the best possible anti-aging effect for the most varying skin conditions.


With this application the patient floats covered in foil in a water bath. If a cream is applied between foil and the skin, it penetrates because of the pressure and the warmth much more intensely and deeper into the skin. It is often referred to as a Cleopatra bath.
The use of brine occurs in the course of balneophototherapy for psoriasis and neurodermatitis.

Solar Allergy

The solar allergy is strictly speaking not a real allergy because the immune system does not play the main role. With the solar allergy is more likely an over-reaction of the skin to certain parts of the solar radiation (UVA light) which cannot be also filtered enough by sun cream. Therapeutically a light habituation is the most successful by specific UV radiotherapy.

Sperm Investigation

The sperm investigation checks the quality of the sperm cells, as well as determines the necessary nutrients and hormones. It enables a reliable statement about fertility restrictions.

Spider Veins

They are the smallest little veins under the skin which increase and have filled with blood. Often spider veins appear in the face or in connection with varicose veins in the legs. This cosmetically disturbing situation can be easily improved by a laser treatment or a disintegration.

Static Wrinkles

Are folds which always can be seen and which cannot be impaired by the mimic of the face. The nasolabial fold runs from the wings of nose in the direction of the corners of mouth and is, for example, a static fold. These folds can be treated very well with collages and other fillers.


see Ministripping.

Target Chromophore

We call target chromophore the particles on which the laser light should work with a treatment. Caused by the wavelength which determines the colour of the laser light, the laser energy works only on certain cell structures or colour pigments.

TCA peeling (trichloroacetic acid peeling)

Trichloroacetic acid is preferably utilized for medium-deep and deep peelings. The chemical peeling brings about an exfoliation of the upper skin layer which is immediately replaced by new, smooth and rosy skin. So the skin’s appearance can be enhanced and wrinkles and scars can be smoothened. The strength and effective depth of the peeling can be determined via the concentration of TCA as well as the effective duration.


Thermage® treatment is a gentle, but thoroughly effective lifting.
It tightens and renews the dermal collagen deep inside the tissue with unique radiofrequency technology.
The result: skin which looks and also feels smoother and firmer. During and particularly after the treatment there are no incisions, wound area, bruises and swellings. The procedure is suitable for facial, eye and body lifting as well as for treatment of cellulite without operation, injections and downtime.


With this hair root investigation the different causes of a hair grow disturbances can be determined.


With Ultherapy™ there is a new and innovative method for tightening skin and connective tissue – without injection, laser or intensive light.
Ulthera™ utilizes an innovative ultrasonic technology.
As with other ultrasonic procedures, a smooth ultrasound transducer is guided over the skin, and then the focused ultrasonic energy can be emitted into the intended tissue layers in order to stimulate the desired tightening effects. The surface of your skin is not injured in the course of this procedure.
The regeneration of collagen in the skin is stimulated as a response to this energy. The skin gradually becomes firmer and tighter, and a natural lifting effect occurs.


These are sound waves of a certain wavelength spectrum. Ultrasound can be used diagnostically to receive a graphic picture of the irradiated structure. We use the ultrasound also therapeutically to introduce active substances deeper into the skin. In addition, the oscillation of the material causes a metabolic triggering of the cells.

UVA1 light

UVA1 light is light from a certain spectrum of the ultraviolet range that is particularly suitable for treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis or neurodermatitis because it is very anti-inflammatory without causing skin irritation.

Varixes (Lat.: Varizen)

Changes in the blood vessels, especially in the lower part of the body, caused by blood stasis. Causes for this blood stasis in the veins often area a lack of exercise or long periods of standing. Besides an esthetically bothersome finding, varixes and their consecutive consequences can be very painful. Blood clots, that can plug the blood vessels (so called embolism), can develop easily.

VelaSmooth Pro™

... is a clinically tested, non-invasive device to enhance the skin’s appearance with regard to cellulite and volume reduction, and has strongly revolutionized the cosmetic and medical body care market. VelaSmooth Pro™ combines elos® technology with a pulsating vacuum and massage function for effective body applications.


Videoscopy is a supplemental method of skin cancer screening. In this connection, birthmarks are microscopically enlarged by means of reflected light, photo-documented with a special camera and archived. Possible changes can be detected early and treated appropriately in the course of follow-up examinations.

Vitiligo or White Spot Illness

… is a disturbance of the pigment cells of the skin. On this occasion, unpigmented, white skin spots appear. A healing is not possible but these disturbances can be minimised with different therapies.


The VNUS ClosureFast™ procedure with varicose veins is a minimally invasive alternative to conventional vein stripping.
While doing so, the high-frequency closure catheter is inserted into the morbid vein under ultrasonic control and transfers heat to the wall of the vein.
As a result, this shrinks and the vein closes. Blood can be diverted into other, healthy veins.

White spot illness

see Vitiligo


Xanthelasmen is the deposit of cholesterol crystals in the eyelids. These yellowish colour changes can be removed surgically or laser-surgically. Before surgery, a fat metabolism disturbance should be excluded. Otherwise the skin changes often come again.